To create a platform for every human to share their life experiences, fantasies and creativity in the form of books to Teach, Inspire, Lead, Transform & Impact people around to make this world a better place to live.


  • Author satisfaction is our prime motto
  • Educate and Empower Author for their success
  • To provide world-class quality and service
  • Enhance the Visibility, Credibility and Profitability 
  • One-Click Publishing


Core Values

  • Integrity and Intentions are our top priority
  • 100% commitment to exceeding our author’s expectations
  • Grow together and Win together 
  • Provide Expert Guidance and Handholding Support
  • Create Long-Lasting Relationships with Authors, Employees, Vendors and Shareholders

About Us

We at WINGS PUBLICATION help authors shape their experience and expertise in the form of fiction, non-fiction, self-help and biographies.

ENTREPRENEURS, TRAINERS, COACHES, EXPERTS and CONSULTANTS are handling their clients in their area of expertise, and they have been helping clients for many years. These authors share their knowledge as non-fiction/self-help books.

WINGS PUBLICATION works with very renowned international Book Coaches like Murali Sundaram, Kailash Pinjani, Dr. Deepak Parbat and many more Celebrity Coaches from India and International. It is also associated with many organisations like TLC (Teachers are Leaders Community), Superfast Author, Brainflix, BNI (Business Network International), and Rotary International.

The CEO of WINGS PUBLICATION, Ms. Manika Singh, states that she wants to create a publishing house for everyone and make book publishing available to the common man and woman. She has the vision to help one million first time authors internationally to publish their books. She created this company to make book publishing a straightforward, uncomplicated and one-click task for authors.

WINGS PUBLICATION is India’s fastest growing publishing house. It helps Authors, especially first-time authors, publish their digital (Kindle) and physical book in the Indian and International market. 

The company provides services like ISBN allocation, premium Book Cover design, International quality book interiors, proofreading, editing services, book translation to 120 Indian and International languages, book launch platform (online and offline), book copyright, author and book digital reputation services and much more. It is one of the few publishing houses in India that provides print on demand book printing service. 

WINGS PUBLICATION works with International Publishing houses as an Indian Distribution Partner to provide their books available in India. We also work as a Whitelabel publishing house and provide publishing outsourcing services to International Publishing Houses.

We are proud to announce that WINGS PUBLICATION is also launching an audiobook service – “AUDIOCOOL” to all the authors from all publishing houses across the globe. That will offer the best audiobook services at very affordable rates.

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