Management Team

Manika Singh1

Manika Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Manika Singh is the #1 Amazon Bestselling author and co-author of 4 books (Decoding Fitness, Decoding Intermittent Fasting, The Ancient Science of Health – Chakra and 7 Technology Tools for Growth Hacking). She has a Masters Degree in Business Management. She has worked with multinational companies like Kingfisher Airlines, Mafoi management Services, iResearch International Services in the Human Resource department. She is founder and CEO of Wings Publication and co-founder of The Brainflix App – India’s only Hindi app for mindset development. She is Vice President of a Mastermind Community “TLC” for Teachers, Authors, Coaches, Speakers and Trainers. 

She wants to create a publishing house for everyone and make book publishing available to the common man and woman. She has the vision to help 1 million first time authors internationally to publish their books. She created this company to make book publishing a straightforward, easy and one-click task for authors.

Abhas Mangal

Chief Marketing Officer

Abhas Mangal is co-author of the Book “7 Technology Tools for Growth Hacking.” He is a Computer Science Engineer. He is always fascinated by software and technology. He believes that we should not be slaves of technology; instead, we should use technology to favour and grow our businesses multifold. His love of books started when he was seven years old. He is an avid book reader. He mixed his passion for books and technology to create Wings Publication to show the world’s power to Authors sitting at their home. He has the vision to use technology and available knowledge locked inside humans to make this world a better place to live.

Dr. Anil Sureen

Regional Director, UAE

Dr. Anil Sureen is considered the most experienced life coach in his industry, and you will get a diverse range of training, certifications, and credentials at Dr. Anil Coaching Institute.

He realized that there is a need for a holistic approach for the overall well-being of the people rather than just the medicines. 

His curiosity lured him towards the art of understanding mental health and well-being with the intention to change people’s lives for good.

The exceptional journey of Dr Anil Sureen began with his passion for healthcare and wellness. He is a veteran in medicine and is an internationally acclaimed physician for 25 years. He runs his medical center and associated pharmacy.

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