Giving a TITLE to your book is like naming your child. It would help if you made sure that the title is good enough because it’s your book’s identity and a lifelong reference.

The book title is the first thing that gives an idea to the reader of what this book is all about. People remember books through its title. The attention span of people has reduced drastically, less 5-10 seconds. If your book catches their attention within this short span, then they will go ahead. That’s why you, as an Author, must create an attention-grabbing unique name/title for your Book.

Essentials of a Good Book Title

While crafting a title for your book, keep in consideration the following points:

1) Book title should be Unique – Everyone is looking for uniqueness, as in how this book is different from others. Your unique book title will grab the attention of prospective readers. The title should create that first impression to make your book stand out amongst millions of books available online and offline.

2) Easy to Pronounce and Remember – Unique titles which attract the reader’s attention should be easy to pronounce and remember. If your readers can’t remember the title because it is difficult to pronounce or has some unheard jargon, then the chances for them searching or referring reduce drastically. Today’s era is all about search, and with millions of things grabbing the readers’ attention, what stays with them is simplicity.

3) The title should give an idea about the book – Through the title, people should get a fair idea about the essence of your book. Suppose you tell someone your book’s name and he asks you, oh great, what is it about? Then probably it’s a lousy title as the listener didn’t get the heart of the book through the title.

4) Short Book Title – Shorter titles are easy to remember and pronounce; it also gives space to the designer to put other creatives on the book cover. If you want to elaborate on the title then, you can use the subtitle. Aim to keep the title around 4-5 words or less.

5) Avoid confusing Titles – Especially for self–published authors, it is crucial that your book is easily discoverable. You want readers to search your book and not the book that sounds similar to your book. While searching for your book, what if the reader lands on another book with almost the same title?

6) Book Title generator Tool – Still confused? Then you can use the book title generator tool, which will help you come up with some inspiration. It gives you lots of options to choose from.

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