Have you heard this phrase that “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, but in reality, we all do judge the book by its cover?

As humans, we are drawn towards things that look good & are attractive. The book cover is an important aspect and works as a sales personnel for its audience.

In today’s era, where the attention span is getting low day by day, your book has maybe only a few seconds to create an impact and drive the audience to pick your book among millions of books available. The inside content and story you have presented might be great, but if the book cover doesn’t strike a chord with the audience or hint about the book’s storyline, your book will lose its chance.

Also, as the majority of the books are available online and appear in the search only at thumbnail size, it becomes imperative to work on the book cover design.

Keep in consideration the below points while designing your book cover.

  1. Choose the Book Cover Design – There are some softwares available for graphic designing like photoshop and canva. Canva is easy to use for non – professional designers. However, the templates are limited to a particular genre. 
  2. Find an inspiration for Book Cover Design – Find inspiration from other books, best selling titles in your genres. Good books always communicate with their audience and target market. If a particular one attracts you, that means its book cover solves the purpose, and you can take the cue from it.
  3. Keep the Book Cover Simple – Avoid making your book cover too busy. This is the mistake many of authors make when designing their book cover. Don’t put too many images, write-ups, colour blasts on the cover.
  4. Understand what your cover needs to emphasise – Your book’s marketing plan is your book cover. What do you want to highlight on your cover -what’s the story you want to convey? Why will the reader pick your book? Do you want to brand yourself? Or a particular character? While designing the cover, make sure you are emphasizing the main aspects of the cover.
  5. Your Book Cover also needs to make a Good Thumbnail – For the online search, your book cover design should also look great at the thumbnail size view. It should be attractive enough for the shoppers to like that tiny picture of your book. Many authors who are designing their book covers neglect this step and ultimately lose the chance of catching the eyes of the prospective buyers.

Importance of Professional Book Covers 

As stated at the beginning of this article, a book cover is a marketing plan for the book and gives the 1st impression about your book. Don’t leave any stones unturned. Please seek a professional service as far as possible because the book is once in a lifetime project for most of us.

A professional designer exhibits more than just his photoshop skills. Book cover designing is complex, where it is essential to make the right balance between image, text and colour.

The designer understands the reader’s psyche and how they react to different parameters like typography and layout. They are well aware of the current market trends of the book industry and what works and what doesn’t work.

For your book’s success, the cover must display the right message to the audience within seconds, and professional designers know this very well.

We recommend taking professional guidance for the book cover design so that you can confidently share your story with the world.

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