List of Book Types or Genres

Action and Adventure

Action and adventure stories keep you on the edge of your seat as your favourite main character finds themselves in high-stakes scenarios over and over again. The protagonist is constantly put in complex, often dangerous situations to achieve his final aim. This genre frequently intersects with others such as mystery, crime, science fiction, and fantasy.


You may think of these works as a throwback to the required readings in English class. The classics have been around for decades. While they were frequently breakthrough stories at the time of their publication, they have remained influential for generations, acting as the foundation for many of today’s famous works.

Comic Book or Graphic Novel

The reader is engaged through engaging, sequential narrative art in comic books and graphic novels, either presented in a specialised design or the typical panel arrangement found in comics. The speech is frequently provided in the tell-tale “word balloons” next to the corresponding characters in both.

Detective and Mystery

The plotline is always centred on a crime that the heroes must solve—or foil—in some way.


Fantasy works sometimes incorporate prominent elements of magic, mythology, or the supernatural, despite being set in a fictional imagined world.

Historical Fiction

These books are set in the past decades and are frequently set against significant (true) historical events.


Horror writers frequently incorporate supernatural and paranormal themes in morbid stories that are often a bit too realistic to generate discomfort and terror in both the character and the reader.

Literary Fiction

Literary fiction refers to the author’s creative writing style; however, it is a broad category that incorporates many others. Through stories that offer a personal or social reflection on a particular issue, their work is meant to elicit profound thinking.


The love story of the main protagonists is the focus of the genre that makes your heart all warm and fuzzy. The world of fiction is vast in and of itself, with several sub-genres such as contemporary romance, historical fiction, paranormal fiction, and steamier erotica.

Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)

Though they’re often lumped in with fantasy, science fiction novels are distinguished by their heavy reliance on technological and futuristic science themes. In the sci-fi genre, you’ll also discover apocalyptic and dystopian works.

Short Stories

Short stories are short pieces of literature that are substantially shorter than novels, even though they cover many of the genres we discuss here. Many authors aggregate short stories into wide-ranging collections, as shown below. Writers rigidly present their narratives through a defined theme and a sequence of shorter scenes.

Suspense and Thrillers

While the suspense and thriller genres share many of the same characteristics as mystery stories, the hero in suspense and thrillers attempts to stop and beat the villain to preserve their own life rather than solving a specific crime. Thrillers frequently use cliffhangers and deception to keep the reader guessing while keeping the main character and the reader in the dark.

Women’s Fiction

Women’s literature, another genre that covers many others, is written specifically for female readers and typically reflects the shared experiences of being a woman in society and the protagonist’s progress.

Biographies and Autobiographies

Autobiographies are written by the subject themselves and serve as an authoritative record of the details and events of their lives. In contrast, biographies are written by an author who is not the subject of the book.


Cookbooks, typically written by expert chefs or even your favourite celebrities, provide an enticing collection of recipes based on the author’s topic, cuisine, or experience.


These books document and set out a specific period to educate and instruct the reader, and they look at all sections of the globe at any one time.


While memoirs are a type of autobiography, they are more flexible in that they do not often include a detailed chronological narrative of the writer’s life. Instead, they concentrate on important events and events that convey a specific message or lesson about the author to the reader.


Authors adopt a certain rhythm and style to provoke and depict mixed feelings and ideas in poetry, a type of literary art. It all depends on the writer’s style, goal, and chosen theme. Sometimes the message is plain, and other times the meaning is concealed behind a play on words—it all relies on the writer’s style, goal, and chosen theme.


Self-help books encourage personal progress and confidence in various areas of your life, whether the focus is on emotional well-being, finances, or spirituality.

True Crime

Like their popular television equivalents, true crime novels chronicle and explore actual crimes and occurrences in minute detail, with many focused on prominent murders, kidnappings, and serial murderers’ escapades.

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