Book formats are an essential aspect of being a prosperous Author. The purpose of book writing is to impact the lives of a few readers. The readers will have their own preferred choices to read your book. The big question is that are you giving that choice to the reader.

Many first-time authors get confused about what kind of book format they should be getting their book ready on, paper book or eBook.

Let’s understand significant book styles formats, Their pros & cons and our recommendation.

We have four major types of book formats.

Paperback: The most popular book format used by all the authors and publishers across the world. Paperback books will have 300-350 GSM (Thick Paper Sheet), and inside a book, pages are 70-80 GSM. 

It is a preferred book format because it is comparatively cheap in printing and lowers in weight, so the cost of printing & courier can be controlled. 

Gatefold: The book cover will have the front book cover and back book cover folded to accommodate more content on the cover. This technical requirement as a recommended format back cover should talk about the author and the book. Still, in some books, the back cover is used for testimonials of books by renowned personalities. The front fold and back fold is used for about the author and the book.

The cost of book printing increased by Rs 7 – Rs 10 for gatefold books.

Hardcover: Hardcover is book format will have cardboard as cover. This is a collectors edition and gives a very premium look & feel to your book. The hardcover book has three subtypes:-

The jacket is 80-90 GSM paper wrapped on top of a hardcover book. Jackets hold the book from front and back.

The cost of printing a Hardcover book increases by Rs.50 – Rs.90 depending on the subtype of the format.

Kindle eBook: – This is amazon’s proprietary e-book format. This ebook can be read-only on Kindle apps (Android & iPhone), or Amazon also has proprietary devices called Kindle Devices. These types of books are distributed across the world by Amazon through its apps and devices.

The cost of producing Kindle ebooks is meagre as Amazon charges as per the size book in download/MB’s. You can give your book for the lowest cost on Kindle as the cost of production is very low.

Conclusion: The best way is to make your book available in all possible formats; pick one from Paperback / Gatefold, Hardcover with Jacket and Kindle. All 3 are different audiences so go for all three. For your premium clients, give them hardcover books; regular clients give paperbacks and give kindle at a low rate to as many people as possible.

If you have to decide on one, I recommend the paperback option only.

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